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Beauty mistakes that add years to your face

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

1. Foundation that is too light exaggerates lines.  Try a warmer toned foundation a shade darker than your skin and    blend.

2. Avoid powder on non-oily areas and the eye area. Powder can exaggerate lines.

3. Dark lipstick makes thinning lips look saggy.   Try a neutral rose color and color in with lip liner first.  I like Brownie Bobbi Brown lipliner with Blush lip color over it and then a layer of Lilac brightening gloss.

4. Keep a fresh mascara on hand at all times.  Clumpy old mascara not only looks unattractive, it also can negatively call attention to fine lines and crows feet.  If this is your concern, skip mascara on the bottom altogether.  And don’t forget to curl the upper lashes!  This really opens the eye, and together with a black mascara will make your eyes look bright and awake.

5. Since eyes may start to droop at the outer corners as we age, when lining the eyes, make sure not to drag the upper line down at the outer corner of the eye; “wing” it gently upwards.

6. Go easy on the foundation.  Opt for a sheer moisturizing formula or even a tinted moisturizer.  Keep your skin well hydrated and moist, and avoid allowing foundation to sit on top of wrinkled areas.  Really blend.  Then see #2 above.  Note:this is every day advice, doesn’t apply to photo makeup.

7. Hair that is too dark for your skin tone can look austere & instantly aging. Talk to a good colorist to find out the best shade to compliment your skin tone.

8. SUNSCREEN!!  At the very least, on your face and neck.

9. Ease up on the bronzer-a little is a must, but too much can look muddy and mottled, mimicking age spots.
10.Softer fuller brows (that are well groomed) look young and fresh.  Pencil thin severe brows can look harsh, dated and sometimes a little arresting.

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